Version 0.28 is here!

2017-07-26 01:05:05 by bludgeonsoft

  • Loads more junk and debris and some new craftable items and beverages!
  • Become super strong and push walls around!
  • Make yourself mega popular!
  • Blow some soap bubbles to amaze your friends – and enemies!
  • And more…

Next up: Better weirder anim brains, and God Mode!

Vilmonic 0.27.00

2017-04-19 14:52:28 by bludgeonsoft

NEW in Vilmonic 0.27.00: Added more junk and treasure (Chairs! Tables!), more body parts to choose from, and now gates are available to craft in the Lite version!​

Vilmonic 0.26 is here. Try out the new camera, craft a new drink! Careful: sim changes may cause your First Great Extinction.

Vilmonic 0.26!

Vilmonic is now on Steam Greenlight! Please vote for Vilmonic, this little game needs all the help it can get!

Vilmonic on Steam Greenlight


A major new update for Vilmonic!

* Totally new fungol and animatroid morphology now completely defined by genetic code.

* Animatroid aggression that can give rise to carnivorous species, be careful!

* Treasure hunting – dig up items from the ancient past, use a bigger shovel for best results.

* Roads and driving mode to help speed up long distance traveling.

* Make beverages to drink that have different effects on your avatar (right now there is only a recipe for cola).

* Zombie mode, zombitons can infect you (instead of killing you), drink some cola to return to normal.

* High-speed sugar mode, speed up time (and make the simulation run faster) by drinking a bunch of cola.

* Zombie hoards! Destroying zombitons attracts more zombitons. Aggravated zombs will now build mazes/dungeons.

* Dig up toxic waste barrels and push them around to spread toxic/radioactive waste. Toxic waste drastically increases the mutation rate of creatures in the world.

* Farming, all fungols, no matter what their preferred habitat, can grow on dirt patches you create by digging.

Toxic Waste!