A major new update for Vilmonic!

2016-01-18 23:38:07 by bludgeonsoft


A major new update for Vilmonic!

* Totally new fungol and animatroid morphology now completely defined by genetic code.

* Animatroid aggression that can give rise to carnivorous species, be careful!

* Treasure hunting – dig up items from the ancient past, use a bigger shovel for best results.

* Roads and driving mode to help speed up long distance traveling.

* Make beverages to drink that have different effects on your avatar (right now there is only a recipe for cola).

* Zombie mode, zombitons can infect you (instead of killing you), drink some cola to return to normal.

* High-speed sugar mode, speed up time (and make the simulation run faster) by drinking a bunch of cola.

* Zombie hoards! Destroying zombitons attracts more zombitons. Aggravated zombs will now build mazes/dungeons.

* Dig up toxic waste barrels and push them around to spread toxic/radioactive waste. Toxic waste drastically increases the mutation rate of creatures in the world.

* Farming, all fungols, no matter what their preferred habitat, can grow on dirt patches you create by digging.


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